[ BOHEMIAN SUMMMER ] & Lessons in Ethno-Bo-ing

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If you've come far enough in this post to warrant reading this, you're probably looking to find out where you too can purchase the above compiled myriad of ethno-bo threads (bohemian meets ethnic for those not down with the kids - AKA me and my made up lingo). Unfortunately such an endeavour may prove a little difficult if you're looking to completely recreate the above featured outfit as the majority of pieces are all wandering originals - that means I've picked them up in un(re)identifiable places around the world, rather than from actual shops with signs and rails and 'helpful' employees.  

So, my advice to you is to take one of the following options:

A) OFF THE RACK-IT. If you can't be arsed to mess around, want to turn into an instant ethno-bo and a have a bit of extra cash in your wallet: visit ethno-bo/gypso-bo saturated online retailers such as Free People, Spell & The Gypsy Collective, Novella Royale and Spanish Moss. 


B) CUSTOM SEARCH-IT. If you like your clothes with a pinch of story & a little more soul, have a hankering for a creative style challenge, get kicks out of haggling you're hats of in markets and/or are, well, just a little bit poor, do the following: 


1. Get on Ebay. Search for 'embellished Indian skirts', 'crochet vests' and 'fringed tops' 

2. Go jewellery shopping in local markets on your far-flung destination vacations, haggle hard and smile sweetly. 

3. *FLY TO INDIA! Buy up all the embellished, hand printed, embroidered clothing you can get your hands on, then ship it back for twice the price you paid for it.

4. Hang out in sun-drenched fields wearing floaty skirts paired with lobe-stretchingly large earrings, super-sized necklaces and other such items purchased after reading aforementioned tips.

*WARNING: not advised for people with unhealthy spending habits, a furious addiction to bargain hunting and pre-existing money problems*


If you are about to frolic down the path of option B (like a true ethno-bo) here's a few hints to get you started, in the form of 8 not so accurate descriptions of all the items featured in my very own ethno-bo outfit above:

1. Crochet vest - £3.50, Ebay
2. Indian Sequined Peacock Print Skirt - £8.00 (approx), Market find, Kuala Lumpur
3. ASOS Black Bralet - £4.30, Ebay 
4. Hand Painted Earrings -30p, Kerala, India
5. Green Metal Bangles - 50p, Pushkar, India
6. Arabic Style Statement Necklace - gifted by my mother
7. Turquoise & Silver Ring - £20, Jaipur, India
8. Blue Stone Ring - £1, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Go forth and wander for threads!

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