[ FROM RAJASTHAN WITH LOVE] Traditional Woodblock Block Printing From India

I'm a huge fan of the traditional Indian technique of woodblock printing. During my wanderings around Rajasthan last summer I had to stop myself from spending yet more of my travel fund on the profusion of intricately hand carved blocks for sale in the markets. I was even fortunate enough, on one particular day in Jaipur, to visit a small textile factory where the owner happily gave me a quick woodblock print demo (which you can read more about here). 

The video above, by pro-sustainable US retail store West Elm, was filmed during a recent trip to Rajathan and is an excellent insight into the traditional woodblock printing process from start to finish. Check out those insanely detailed carvings! I think i'll be leaving that to the pro's. 

Don't forget, if you're coming to Latitude Festival in a couple of weeks, make sure you pop down to The Painted House in the Faraway Forest on Friday at 13.30. I'll be bringing along some of these authentic Indian woodblocks for you to have a play with!

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