[ HAPPY HEMP ] Pokhara, Nepal

Yet another of my Lakeside finds, today's post comes from a foray into a particularly hippy looking hemp clothing specialist. My wandering style hunter's eye was instantly drawn by the outer displays of raw, laddered knit dresses, loose, oversized crochet jumpers and rough-dyed tee's - the perfect type of clothing to boost that effortlessly cool (yet evidently considered) boho-traveler wardrobe. Sourced locally, as industrial cultivation of hemp is illegal in Nepal, the hemp fibre comes from a homegrown source of naturally occurring cannabis sativa plant. Durable and strong, the plant grows densely and quickly in poor soil and harsh conditions of the western mountainous regions of Nepal, resulting in a more quantitative yield without the need for chemicals. That should put some smiles on the faces of ethical fashion fans!

Naturally, everyone seems to associate hemp with old tree hugging hippies but if your on the pulse of the ever expanding sustainable fashion scene, you will by now be well informed of the multiple benefits of alternative fabrics such as hemp (even Bottega Veneta are cashing in on its .....!). Not only is hemp both ethically and environmentally sustainable, its also bacteria resistant and far more water absorbent than other fabrics meaning it not only keeps you cool, holds its shape and is wrinkle free, but also retains dye colours and actually gets softer the more you wear it!

If you're looking to jump on the hemp bandwagon, take a look at sustainable fashion brand Komodo. Not only do they focus on sustainable fabrics such as hemp, soya, organic cotton and rayon.....but they've got some super cosy winter warmers and some cute tailored work wear.

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