[ETHNIC FINDS] Jewellery Stories

So as you've probably have guessed by now, I've just jumped on the Instagram bandwagon (hey, I know I'm late but I am traveling around the world with a severe lack of wifi access and a boyfriend who only occasionally lets me completely take over his Ipod). Nevertheless, I thought I'd use my new found skills to show you some of the beautiful ethnic jewellery I've been collecting over the past months. This set comes from my travels around India and Nepal. So from right to left here are the discriptions:

1. Red and white yak bone beaded bracelets, bought off a Tibetan lady who cornered me in Pokhara, Nepal
2. Giant (and very heavy) hand painted statement earrings from a stall in Kerala, India.
3. Turquoise and amber (supposedly) inlaid miniature perfume bottle bought from a little old lady on the corner of the street in Pokhara, Nepal. Apparently her husband brings her all her wares one a month from Tibet.
4.  Turquoise and amber (again, supposedly but more like faux) hollow pendant with Buddhist mantra hidden inside. Bought from one of many very keen salesmen at Kathmandu's Durbar Square market in Nepal.


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