[ THE PINK CITY OF JAIPUR ] Day 1: Palace Markets

Everyone knows a magnificently beautiful, culturally significant or historically important monument or building comes accompanied, de facto, by an abundance of tourist targeted market stalls, souvenir shops and bustling bazaars. Jaipur and, well, the rest of India, is no different. Thing is, in this country, and with my limited budget, I’m a bit of a sucker for these. What can I say? They are cheap, full of bright, bold, ethnic goodies such as embroidered bags and wall hangings, woven shawls, wooden puppets, block-printed multi-purpose cotton fabrics and of course the token draw string, printed maxi skirts  (lehanga) and embellished kameez and kaftans.  I was drawn to this particular stall with all its patterns and prints contrasting against the crumbling, honey-coloured walls of Jaipur’s City Palace. With a little bit of typical Indian ingenuity this guy has expanded out of his little hole in the wall using the washing line technique and a few trusty Coca Cola crates as display stands. Just to put your minds at rest I can safely say that I fell only into the trap of aesthetics and saved my 1000 rupee a day budget for a little later…


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