[ POSTCARDS FROM CHINA ] Canal Town Illustrations

In aid of China's current 11 gold lead at the London Olympics (still rooting for you Team GB!!), I thought we'd give them a bit of a shout out with these intricately illustrated postcards I picked up whilst visiting the tiny, highly picturesque village of Xidi (西递), Anhui province, last October. Long time in posting, I'm well aware, but scanning gets a little difficult during a life on the road... I don't possess the ability to read Mandarin so I can't be certain which towns the artworks represent but they certainly bring to mind the charming canal town of Tongli (同里) which lies in Wujiang county, just outside the more well known city of Suzhou (苏州). Which postcard is your favourite? 

Want to see my own photographs from the Huizhou Villages of Xidi and Hongcun (宏村)? Go visit the Huizhou set on my Flickr page. You can also see more images from my wanderings around China on Flickr by clicking here, or more posts on Wandering Threads about China by clicking here

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