[ BIZARRE BAZAARS ] Pushkar, India

So it seems the holy town of Pushkar in eastern Rajasthan (supposedly the place in which Brahma dropped a lotus flower on the earth) has cashed in on its popularity. A destination for foreigner and Indians alike, Pushkar is a favorite on the traveler/pilgrim trail for witnessing the, often very peculiar, acts of Hindu worship. Priests with dreadlocks, holy men swathed from head to toe in orange and a lot of flower petal accompanied dipping in the many ghats, Pushkar is one 'interesting' place, and its not just the scamming 'holy men' that will make you part with your money. Feast your eyes on this array of dazzling bazaar finds: from piles of pendants to mirror work bags, camel leather wallets and patchwork cushion covers. There's something for every ethnically obsessed traveler in Pushkar. 


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