[ WHEN IN INDIA…] Watch Gandhi

Last night during some much needed downtime after my long and exhausting mini break in Mysore, there was nothing more welcome than the thought of bedding down in my Bangalore hotel room with my laptop and a good film. Not taking my stay India for granted I opted for a little bit of passive learning with Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi (1982). Over 3 hours long, it was epic, to say the least. Detailing the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (aka Mahatma Ghandi (1869–1948)) from his early demonstrations against the segregation of Indians in East Africa to his fight for India’s Independence and finally his assassination in 1948, the film is most definitely a must see for anyone traveling or eager to learn about India’s turbulent past. For textile enthusiasts, pay special attention to Gandhi’s (played by Ben Kingsley) indoctrination of the Khadi fabric which played an important part in India’s rejection of British rule. More on that one later…! 

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