[ TURBANS & TUNES ] Udaipur, India

For the past two days I’ve feeling a bit sorry for myself having been bed ridden by dreaded Indian diseases (aka food/water poisoning of sorts) in my hotel in Jaipur. A couple of packets of antibiotics later and I’m up and about again and this time I’m posting from the lovely* lake city of Udaipur. I thought everyone might like to hear a little bit of traditional Rajasthani culture, so I’m bringing you a bit of 4D India with this rural man in a turban playing a musical instrument. Sorry, it’s actually called a Sarangi: ‘bowed musical instrument about two feet high, with three or four main strings and up to thirty-five sympathetic strings’ (thanks Apple Dictionary). Check out his awesome multi-coloured turban (or safa) and his jewellery-selling wife’s heavily embellished Rajasthani costume.

Rajasthani Music Man from Wandering Threads on Vimeo.

*(When I use this word in India it must be taken, somewhat, with a pinch of salt as ‘lovely’ is often somewhat tinged with a corner-of-the-eye combo of rubbish pile topped with cow excrement. That’s unless you are viewing from the £200 + a night widow of a luxury suite or air conditioned, chauffeur driven car. Not to put you off or anything. 


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