[ I SAW IN MYSORE ] Prints & Patterns at Mysore Palace


This weekend I'm taking a break from big, busy, bustling Bangalore and my current work with VIA Design to venture a little southward to the city of Mysore. Famous for it's silk sari's, sandalwood oil and the supremely sweet local confectionery, Mysore Pak. On top of all this, Mysore has a spectacular palace, said to rival those of Rajasthan (the Land of the Kings). Bursting with brightly coloured floor tiles, almighty hand-carved doors, period paintings, crystal chandeliers and domed, stained glass ceilings it's one awe inspiring sight for artists, designers, architects and heritage lovers everywhere. You'll have to excuse the quality of some of the images...in true India style, photography was not permitted inside the palace, yet it seemed iPhone's were...


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