[HAPPY HAMPI ] Day 1: The Gypsies

gypsy stall, Hampi, Indian lady, tribal jewellery

Having arrived in Hampi, Karnataka after another sleepless overnight bus (which I have to admit was more like riding a 7 hour roller coaster), I am happy to report my love for India has once again returned (spending 2 months in a pollution-ridden city being hauled around by con men rickshaw drivers will dampen the spirits of any well traveled foreigner). After a day-long bicycle ride around the sites bewitching yet somewhat forsaken landscape of Tomb Raider style temples, giant boulders and towering palm groves, I happened upon some rather interesting figures. It seems the gypsies have arrived in Hampi in all their mirror-worked, embroidered and bell-jangling glory. For these ladies, less definitely is not more. 

wandering style, Indian gypsy stall, Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi gyspy stall, embroidery Hampi, wandering style, ethnic style, travel photography
gypsy seller, Hampi, Karnataka, India, tribal fashion

vintage handmade jewellery, india, Hampi, Karnataka, wandering style

ethnic style, tribal jewellery, indian gold, gypsy, patterns
gypsy lady, indian nose ring, embroidered clothing


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