[ WANDERING THREADS ON VACATION ] Slovenia 2nd-16th August 2012

1. Lake Bled beautifulplacestovisit.com 2. Ljubjanica River by Lonely Planet 3. Julian Alps by Lonely Planet  4. St George Hill by Lonely Planet 4.  5. Rock Mountain Stone Castle by getintravel.com

They say that a vacation 'is having nothing to do and all day to do it in', but I'm not sure that entirely applies when you've got a 7D, a country full of towering castles, beautiful Balkan coastline, medieval towns and mountains worthy of the Sound of Music. If you hadn't guessed already from the title, I'm off on vacation to Slovenia for the next two weeks, personally guided by an expert countryman (and lady!) who I had the pleasure to meet in China during my big Asian Adventure last year. 'Just another day in the life of Wandering Threads' I hear you sigh, well sort of. I'm stressing the term 'vacation' as I'll actually be laptop free for this one, so if you like what you see already, make sure you check back in in a couple of weeks for a Slovenian overload on Wandering Threads. 

In the meantime, as well as perusing past posts, you can keep up to date with my Slovenian wanderings by following me on Twitter, Facebook and of course, the WanderGram (thanks iPod Touch).


  1. I wish I had visited all those fantastic places around the world and seen the beautiful clothes.
    Blog is great full of colour always an interesting read that brightens up the day.
    Look forward to 'seeing' Slovenia and all the fashion pages.
    Keep up the good work.


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