[ THREAD LUSTINGS ] Ifat Creations on Boticca

Online store, Boticca, caught my attention yesterday with its 'All About Tradition' feature which happens to showcase some of the store's most talented, traditionally inspired jewellery designers. As a silversmithing novice myself, I love reading about new designers with interesting and innovative approaches to jewellery design, so when I came across  Ifat Creations' intricately woven thread necklaces, a bit of clicking frenzy ensued. 

Working from in her studio in Madrid, Israeli born Ifat handcrafts each of her pieces using traditional weaving techniques, based on the ancient art of macramé, to create an intricate web of fine linen or waxed cotton threads around a central focal point. Intertwining rare Murano beads, Dogon jewellery, Indian silverwork, terracotta, wood or small handmade works by other contemporary artisans, every uniquely crafted piece from Ifat exudes contemporary ethnic appeal.

This macramé technique looks like fun, time to find some threads and try it out!

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