[ GOOD MORNING VIETNAM ] Free People March 2012

No, I'm not writing about the comedy drama staring Robin Williams, this blog is about fashion remember? So, predictably I'm featuring this beautiful new catalogue shoot by Free People because, well, I'm in love with their brand. Any other guesses? Yes, it was shot in Vietnam! The shoot took place over a number of days across the capital city of Hanoi and over west in the stunning, indigenous rural area of Sapa. I'm super jealous these ethereal beauties got to spend their days prancing around in fringed halter tops, multi-coloured blanket jackets and floaty cape dresses, all the while in brilliant sunshine. My time in Vietnam, which I am still yet to blog about, was mostly spent dodging the north east monsoon rain, dressed in jeans and a jumper. Nevertheless, Vietnam is an enthralling place and the FP team have certainly captured the beauty of it in these delicate, light drenched shots. What you don't see is the manic motorbike-dodging, street-vendor-pestering, bicycle ridden streets which are enough to test even the most intrepid of adventurers!

Click here if you'd like to see FP's Guide to Vietnam and here if you just want to shop the collection!


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