[ TIBETAN TRINKETS ] Pokhara, Nepal

So far Nepal is has been overindulging my obsession for ethnic jewellery. I got a little taste for what was to come back over the mountains in McLeod Ganj where the Tibetan community stocked their stores and stalls with a plethora of beautiful amulets and charm pendants imported from Tibet. The same seems to be true over here in Pokhara. And the best part about the Tibetan/Nepali jewellery styles? They are no stranger to statements pieces - huge stone-inlaid silver pendants, turquoise stones set in chunky, patterned rings and amber-beaded multi-strand necklaces.  

Take a look at these pieces from Amala's Tibetan Gift Corner in Lakeside. If only I wasn't on a backpackers budget I'd be snapping the whole shop up for my collection. For fans at home, check out my earlier post on Tibetan style jewellery from Free People. If you're quick you may still be able to nab a few pieces!


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