[ THE CRAFTS CENTRE ] Pokhara, Nepal

Shops like this are the reason I keep adding to my photographic collection of super bright, ethnic patterned fabrics, clothing and accessories - they make it so easy! I wondered into The Crafts Centre, again on Pokhara's Lakeside area, having been dazzled by the array of coloured weaves and embroidered homeware strategically placed out on the roadside. 

Whilst I'm a big fan of shopping in local markets and bazaars on my travels, I love discovering small, independently owned, fair trade stores like this one that stock hundreds of locally produced, traditional items. You may pay a slightly inflated price for those desirables but, generally, you can leave happy in the knowledge that the local artisans who hand crafted them are getting a fair price. Heed the obvious warnings though and assess the shop by its owner or salesperson - too pushy and you know they're out to make a quick buck, most likely paying under the odds for the goods themselves.  


The Craft Centre's chirpy owner was happy to take the time to show me around, explaining to me the significance of the symbols embroidered and woven into wall hangings, cushions and bags as well as the location of the villages that produced the unbelievably soft 100% yak wool scarves - perfect Christmas presents!


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