[ COCONUT CHARMS ] Pokhara, Nepal

Earlier today, during another photographic excursion around Pokhara's backbacker haunt, I came across this delightful little collection of hand-carved, recycled coconut jewellery. Ranging from intricately carved earrings to hand-painted and stone-inlaid pendants in an array of symbolic and nature inspired designs, this cute collection makes a perfect go-to for souvenir hunters looking for a token Lakeside style keepsake. Oddly enough, the actual selling point of the shop was fishing rods and tattoos...

Straight outta nature, recycled coconut not only makes for perfect travel jewellery - being light-weight, durable and non precious - but is also a particularly sustainable option. Reusing otherwise redundant shells from empty coconuts, then shaping and scoring the surface with hand tools there's nothing inorganic about this stuff. So have a rummage around your local markets and boutiques, or just wait for your next beachside escape to get your hippy on and get some coconut!


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