River Island Backpack with Tribal Print Flap £35                              River Island Canvas Tribal Backpack £30

I've never been a big fan of over exerting myself when it comes to exercise, nor am I a big fan of the practical 'active' gear that such enthusiasts seemingly consider mandatory. Bit weird then, you may think, when former fashion student decides, voluntarily, to go on a three day Himalayan trek. To be quiet honest, when I first started backpacking in 2007 the concept of needing to wear trainers, carry round a giant Karrimor backpack and wear strange 'fisherman' style pants in order to retain my modesty (or so the Thai's see it) was all a bit overwhelming. Now, thankfully, four years on and I've realised traveling doesn't need to mean looking like some 'just-stepped-out-of-Blacks-hippy'. 

Loathe to purchase a typically practical backpack for activities such as said three day trek, I've found a rather good looking alternative. These two felt-touch finished cotton tribal canvas bags from River Island are nice and light-weight, big enough to fit a that essential pair of leggings, warm socks, hoodie and long-sleeved jersey and a few toiletries. Perfect! Plus, they double up as rather stylish city day bags or as hand luggage for the rest of your trip! 


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