[ A MELANGE OF COLOUR ] Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab

This post is a little late, since I ventured up to Amritsar a few days ago, before my stop up here in McLeod Gangj. Forgive my slow editing/uploading, for I have been once again struck down with the dreaded Indian food poisoning (that's now twice in one month!). I just couldn't bear not to share these images with you as the sight and experience of this place was truly remarkable. These images were all taken at the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar. According to 'The Book', aka Lonely Planet, it is to Sikhs what Mecca is to Muslims. Contrasting colours could be found everywhere, from the orange of the holy men's robes to the mélange of vibrant dastaar's (Sikh turbans) and saris. 


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