[ ETHNIC LUXURY ] Scarves by Etro

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Did I mention my obsession with scarves? No? Well, I have at least 20 of them (ok, so 20 that I actually wear/can find), most of them handmade and originating from far off lands such as Thailand, India, Kenya, Russia (the background of this blog is none other than my beloved Russian scarf, bought back from St Petersburg by my lovely Ballet Russes obsessed friend Imogen), the list goes on. I rarely leave the house without a scarf and some big dangley earrings (cue the inner gypsy in me). So now I'm in India and there are not only scarves, but paisley printed scarves, EVERYWHERE (especially here in Pushkar)! Lucky for me they are all at a fraction of the price of these beautiful cashmere SS'11 Etro scarves, but what I wouldn't give to get my hands on one of these beauties (although I'm not sure they'd last the wear and tear of a year in Asia). If you've got a spare bit of dosh lying around, I would highly recommend snapping up one of these. Not only are they designed by such a wonderfully bohemian luxury brand, instantly making them investment pieces, they can also be tied, draped, wrapped, or hung in a myriad of ways, giving them ultimate accessory appeal! I love Etro. Yes. I. Do!



  1. For bohemian luxury I would totally go for the scarf on the right!

  2. its very Romany Gypsy, gotta love Etro paisley!x


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