[ FABULOUS FINDS ] Hand Painted Ethnic Home Decor from Fabulloso!

hand painted Indian home decor, floral teapot, hand painted tiffin carrier, hand painted antique iron, painted hookah, 1. Pottery Hookah I by Mudcafe 2. Bye Bye Birdie Kettle by Mudcafe 3. Ganesh Madhubani Kettle Blue by The Colour Caravan 4. Bird Ochard Box Mudcafe 5. Bird Sanctuary Canister in Cream by Mudcafe 6. Antique Iron by Mudcafe 7. Pattachitra Tissue Box by The Colour Caravan 8. Artistic Florals Tiffin Carrier 9. Storyteller Kettle by Mudcafe

If you've been following Wandering Threads on Twitter or Facebook, you've probably already read me rave about Delhi based digital bazaar, Fabulloso. With a self-proclaimed selection of beautiful, whimsical, witty and quirky designer products, ranging from clothing, shoes and accessories to home decor and furniture, you're at risk of getting well and truly lost as your eyes wander this digital market space. I, for one, am head over heels with those ornately pretty, hand-painted teapots and totally obsessed with that beautifully unique antique Iron (swoon!). And as I'm currently in the process of flat hunting, I can't think of a better way to envision my future living space than with Indian inspired, patterned home decor resting on my virtual shelves. Which ones your favourite?

Thinking that pottery hookah looks familiar? Probably because it is. I also featured it here.

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