[ THE FLOWER & THE WILLOW ] Marie Claire Australia July 2012

Josh Goot, Geisha, Marie Claire Australia, Ollie Henderson, Richard Truscott
Josh Goot, Skin and Threads, Flannel, Jac+Jack, Alex Perry, Geisha, Marie Claire Australia, Ollie Henderson,
Zimmermann, Geisha, Ollie Henderson, Jane Roarty, July 2012, Japan, Japanese traditions
Silk Kimono by Ellery, Dion Lee blouse, Carl Capp jersey wrap skirt, Senso Diffusion shoes, Japanese Geisha
Geisha fashion, Japanese costume, Dion Lee printed blouse, Acne dress, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Jayson Brunsdon, Richard Truscott

Having just left Australia, it seems quite serendipitous that I should stumble across this diaphanously sensual shoot for Marie Claire Oz. The editorial features model Ollie Henderson entering as apprentice into the exotic world of Japanese Geisha. With an air of wistfulness and with a nostalgic nod to a time saturated in tradition rather than high tech gadgets and sleeper pods, photographer Richard Truscott and stylist Jane Roarty have delicately fused the traditional with the contemporary through the art of fashion.

Accomplished in music, calligraphy, dance and the intricate art of the tea ceremony, Geisha, themselves models for the art of Japanese high culture, are unfailingly adorned in perfectly tied Kimono, with each strand of hair carefully oiled into place and each step and gesture perfectly executed. Today there remain only one to two thousand Geisha practising in Japan.

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