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I've seen the Taj Mahal at sunset, slept under the stars in the Thar Desert and floated down the Ganges and the Keralan Backwaters. I've climbed 3200m into the Himalayas, flown over Mt. Everest, walked The Great Wall of China (and come down it on a slide). I've marvelled at the Terracotta Warriors and The Forbidden City, felt unnerved in Tiananmen Square, gotten lost in translation in Shanghai and eaten numerous unidentified oddities. I've slept in wooden shacks in remote villages with no electricity, bartered with tribes for textiles at night markets, trekked through paddy fields and streams so pure you'd wonder if pollution ever existed, tubed along the Mekong and swung into crystal clear waterfalls. I've wandered through the ruins of Imperial citadels in Huế, slurped down steaming bowls of Phở in Hanoi, kayaked around Ha Long Bay, crawled through Viet Cong tunnels and sunned myself on the shores of Phú Quốc. I've been dumbstruck by the Khmer Rouge atrocities around Phnom Penh, blown away by Angkor Wat and turfed off a bamboo train in Battambang. I've snacked on street stalls in Bangkok and been sunburnt in Koh Tao. I've witnessed Chinese New Year with a bang, seen a giant lion dance in Penang and a man walk through fire in Ubud. I've dived 32m into a WW2 Shipwreck in Bali, swam with turtles (and away from giant trigger fish) in the Gili Islands and stalked sharks in Malaysia. I've walked the Harbour Bridge and felt the sea breeze by the Sydney Opera House.

And that was just one year.

6 flights, 29 trains, 38 boats, 58 buses and countless tuk tuks, taxis, bicycles and motorcycles later and I'm finally back on British shores.

But the adventure doesn't stop here.

Watch this space for new and exciting projects on Wandering Threads.

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