[ RULE BRITANNIA ] Jubilee Fever

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Jubilee collage, Royal Wedding, Union Jack, British heritage, Royal family, English heritage, Wills & Kate, Jubilee coin

British collage, mini cooper, London underground, british post box stamp, english tea cups, Queen's Jubilee 2012

I'm so excited about this weekend's Jubilee celebrations that I'm determined to make Wandering Threads a haven of British heritage inspired happiness, if only for the coming week. I'm a proud Brit - cue friends rolling eyes as I gush once again of my love for all English traditions and heritage - so its only right that I should add a stream of celebratory Britishness to this here page. Despite economic woes, the past year has already seen a surge in patriotic fervor with all the hype surrounding the Royal Wedding last May (yes, of course I was there - I booked my flight to India the week after most deliberately!),

Sadly though, I'm missing the fabulous festivities back in the UK by but a few weeks as I am currently still slaving away in Sydney to fund my return. Nevertheless, I shall watch the media avidly from afar, cheering on old Liz in her 60th anniversary of her accession. So in the meantime, to kick start the festivities I bring you this montage of Britannia inspired awesomeness. Get your colours ready! 


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