[ GET YOUR COLOURS ON ] Barbour Jubilee Collection

Jubilee, Barbour Union Jack, Ladies International Swarovski Jacket, 2012, British flag

Cashing in on its status as a much loved British Heritage brand, Barbour have designed some pretty kick-ass products in time for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations. Check out the timely re-modeled, bestselling Barbour Union Jack International Swarovski jacket, for which Barbour have cleverly teamed up with crystal giants Swarovski, resulting in a little glistening Union Jack Swarovski Elements flag nestling upon the chest pocket. They've also added a super cool Union Jack lining which is so undeniably awesome that I'd probably turn the whole thing inside out. Snap it up quick though if you've got the cash because its a limited edition piece. Investment? Oh, I do think so. 

Womens Union Jack Barbour Waxed Canvus Shopper, Satchel, Rucksack, Napsack, British Flag fashion, Jubilee fashion, Queen's Jubilee 2012

Oh, and one more thing, if your finding it hard to sheathe yourself in enough Britishness to double as a patriotic mascot, try one of these bags or (perhaps the hat?) on for size. Think of all the other celebratory Jubilee trinkets you could keep inside!


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