[ BUENOS AIRES BEAUTIES ] Anthropologie Homewear

I've always wanted to travel to Buenos Aires, let alone Argentina, and since seeing the colourific new La Boca inspired homeware collection from Anthropologie, I'm shamefully wishing away my Asian days and longing for time spent swirling red wine around a glass in some haphazardly painted, rundown studio in La Boca. Alas, for now I (and most likely you too) will have to entertain the fantasy by indulging in these effortlessly artistic pieces.

A mishmash of colour washed vases, softly swirling, graphic patterned lampshades and hand painted crockery strewn with blooming red pansies, yellow macranthas and blue niles, this collection's a sure-fire spring time table fixer upper. Picnics on the patio with the Dotted Path Measuring Cups  and a nibble filled Toco Habitat Platter - yes please!

{Buenos Aires Beauties} Anthropologie Homewear

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