[ SUN JEWELLERY ] House of Harlow 1960

If you're a) obsessed with all things ethnic (which I assume is why you are reading this), b) surfing the net for some statement jewellery to perk up i) those pre-planned SS'12 looks or ii) current mood because you're evidently yet to try out said looks due to typical crap weather or c) window shopping for inspiration/wishfully lusting after items knowing you're bank balance is about to collapse (along with the rest of the worlds economy), I've got the label to lust after for you! And breathe....

Unexpectedly NOT following in the footsteps of other Tinseltown celebrity fashion lines, House of Harlow 1960 by ex-jailbird/Hollywood heiress Nicole Richie isn't too shabby. In fact, it's really quite appealing, so let me endorse it some more: Faux coin tiered earrings, chunky cuffs engraved, embossed and cut away to recreate those oh-so-simple lines and shapes so well imbued with ethnic design, rings that remind me of sundials and stone-encrusted amulets like something from an ancient Aztec legend... no? Imagination running away with me again? Ok, but you see what I’m getting at and its definitely leagues away from what you would have expected from Paris Hilton's BBF...or is it ex-BBF? I can't keep up.

Click on the numbered links to snap up some of these beauties over at Boutique to You. Alternatively, for all you Ozzie's, get your House of Harlow jewellery and loads of other cool alternatives over at House of Zoi - a great online store and one of my favorite online Australian stores.



  1. ahh, the not so chunky ones then! I do love 10, such a statement piece. I love your 'Espadrilles: Classic cut' btw, cool graphics!

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