In case some of you may have noticed, I have indeed been absent from Wandering Threads for October and November whilst roaming around China (and a quick stint in LAOS). I would just like to say a massive SORRY to everyone who started along the journey with me back in India in May and have been following me ever since. Unfortunately me, my mac and I were caught up in the Great Chinese Firewall and thus had no access to, well, anything. Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google...you name it, they blocked it. Thanks China!

So, now I'm back with a vengeance and with so much content to add that, well, quite frankly I'm going to have to change my methods. So from now on Wandering Threads will continue to bring you wondrous finds from around the globe but with a somewhat more eclectic and culturally sporadic feel (i.e I won't be blogging a whole country as I go, I'll be weaving in content from my various travels along with current content). For all you stalkers out there, have no fear, you can still find out my whereabouts and keep up to speed on my daily antics on the WT twitter and facebook pages. Remember you can also see more images from adventures around Asia on my flickr page, as well as a wider source of image inspirations from Wandering Threads and around the net on the tumblr mini site. Oh, and don't forget to sign up for all the new updates by following WT on bloglovin!


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