[ LIFE ON FILM ] Mike Matas's Morroco

Morocco & Spain from Mike Matas on Vimeo.

I came across this film whilst waiting on delivery for my new Canon 7D only weeks before embarking on my year long adventure around Asia. Shot on a 5D Mark II (yes I know its better but beggars can't be choosers), not only has this video filled me with excitement for the kind of films I can (hopefully) begin to make on my wanderings, but its full of the fantastic textures, colours and traditional patterns and prints found on Mata's two week trip to Morroco and Spain. Forget Asia,  I want to go to Morroco!



  1. This is fantastic. I would love to make something like this and I would love to go to Morocco. Maybe we can do a two for one deal.....haha.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment! I checked out your blog - it's lovely! Such a great idea. Will definitely be following you in the future!



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